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Super admin . 16th Jul, 2021

Seek out to new Android App Development method with Kotlin amazing features

Seek out to new Android App Development method with Kotlin amazing features

A growing number of Android developers are studying and switching to Kotlin. In fact, according to Google, more than half of professional Android app developers utilize Kotlin to create their apps. It is also one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

Furthermore, Kotlin may alter how Java is utilized on the server. That implies in the nearer future, Android app developers without a working knowledge of Kotlin will be considered unskilled.

Furthermore, because the language is compatible with Java, it is intended to speed up the creation of Android apps. The nicest feature of the new Kotlin programming language is that it has fewer lines of code.

There are many more helpful Kotlin features in Android, and we'll go through them in this blog to assist you to enhance your Android application development process.

Kotlin features 

  • Open source programming language-Kotlin is an open-source programming language, Apart from being open-source, Kotlin also comes with a one-click tool that allows developers to transform existing Java code. If you're an Android app developer who's new to Kotlin and want to learn it from the ground up, we recommend starting with Codexiar's introductory course. These classes will assist you in honing your abilities.

  • Deep interoperability with Java.- The strong compatibility of Android Kotlin with Java is one of the key and greatest advantages of the language. Many Java and Android app developers have been drawn to study Kotlin as a result of this. It is based on the JVM and supports Java libraries and tools, allowing for complete Java compatibility. Both languages coexist, making it simpler for engineers to work efficiently. With the aid of this functionality - the interoperability function – developers may quickly create a single Android project in both languages.

  • Lazy loading feature- The lazy-loading feature essentially increases startup time, which is very useful when developing for Android. Simply said, it's the greatest option for those developers who wish to minimize the startup time of their Android apps so that their content may be displayed faster. Android developers may use the lazy-loading functionality to load just the resources that are required into the main memory. If you want to use this functionality, Kotlin is the best option.

  • Data classes in the kotlin-The necessity of a class are always debated by computer language designers/makers. Typically, a data class in Java has tonnes of boilerplate code which developers have to bypass to figure out the true usage of such class. Android developers can now write the equivalent of the same Java code in Kotlin, which is simpler and uses less code. As a result, data classes are regarded to be one of Kotlin's most helpful features.

  • Smart cast function-It is one of the greatest aspects from the developer's standpoint. This is because it effectively decreases the application's speed while focusing on enhancing the app's performance. The smart cast function's principal task is to determine the type of function. This will execute all operations coded for a given type while also increasing the code's efficiency. Assume you wish to recognize a string. You can now simply copy, count the length, and perform other tasks on the string type using the smart cast method.

  • Reliable-This is one of the most powerful features of Kotlin since it is a pretty secure language that you may use without worry. Furthermore, the Null Safe method can help you prevent problems like "NullPointException." You may also simply avoid using nullable types and have errors automatically corrected. This will assist you in simplifying your code for debugging and Android app development activities.

  • Standard library function- The use of Kotlin has the advantage of providing standard library functions. Work on an Android mobile app development project is the most crucial aspect for all Android developers. With the aid of idiomatic patterns like let, apply, use, and others, you can quickly create implementations of higher-order functions.

  • Clean and compact syntax- When it comes to syntax and code clarity, this programming language is miles ahead of Java. With Kotlin, you can do a lot with just a few lines of code. It also allows the developer to work with less code, and Kotlin improves the reliability of the code by reducing mistakes and defects.

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