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 Python MTA Certification course is designed specifically, for enthusiastic learners, who desperately look forward to Microsoft certificates but find it expensive to enroll for. Codexiar's python MTA certificate is designed in such a manner that it makes learning fun and easy, through our recorded python sessions, giving you full exposure and covering every essential topic, right from the beginning to the advanced level. Apart from the learning part, this price is inclusive of the MTA voucher cost. To make learning fun and understandable, videos are in simple Hindi language to enhance the efficiency of learning.  

Python is a high-level programming language with diverse semantics that is interpreted and object-oriented. Its high-level built-in data structures, along with dynamic typing and dynamic linking, make it ideal for Rapid Application Development as well as use as a scripting or glue language to link together existing components. Python's quick, easy-to-learn syntax prioritizes readability, lowering software maintenance costs. Python facilitates software modularity and code reuse through supporting plugins and packages. Both major platforms provide free versions of the Python interpreter and standard library, which can be downloaded in source or binary form.

Course Curriculum

1 python intro
Preview 2.40 min
1 Instal python
2.30 min
1 Python comment
2.50 min
1 Python Variables
2.30 min
1 python multiple variables
2.45 min
1 Python numbers
2.50 min
1 python strings
3 min
1 python indexing
2.30 min
1 Python slicing 1
2.45 min
1 Python slicing 2
2.45 min
1 Python string function 1
2.40 min
1 Python string function 2
2.30 min
1 python Booleans
2.50 min
1 python comparison operators
2.45 min
1 python arithmetic operators
2.45 min
1 Python assignment operators
2.40 min
1 Python logical operators
2.30 min
1 python special operators
2.42 min
1 Python data type 1
2.30 min
1 Python data type 2
2.15 min
1 Python tuple
2.20 min
1 Python set 1
2.45 min
1 Python set 2
2.40 min
1 python dictionary 1
2.45 min
1 Python dictionary 2
2.30 min
1 Python range tutorial
2.40 min
1 Python string formatting
2.45 min
1 python indentation
2.30 min
1 python conditionals 1
2.40 min
1 Python conditionals 2
2.35 min
1 • python nested if statements
2.40 min
1 Python loops
2.50 min
1 Python while loops
2.20 min
1 • python break statements
2.45 min
1 • python continue statements
2.30 min
1. Using the plot command interactively Assignment
2. Getting started with ipython Assignment
3. Embellishing-a-plot-Assignment
4. Saving plots Assignment
5. Multiple plots-assignment
6. Additional feature of python-assignment
7. Getting started with functions Assignment
8. Advanced features of function-assignment
9. Using python modules Assignment
10. Writing python scripts Assignment
11. Testing and debugging Assignment
12. Getting started with lists Assignment
13. Parsing data Assignment
14. Statistics-Assignment
15. Sets-Assignment
16. loading data from files-Assignment
17. Other types of plots-Assignment
18. Plotting the data-Assignment
19. Getting started with symbolics-Assignment
20. Using sage to teach-Assignment
21. Accessing parts of arrays-Assignment
22. Matrices-assignment
23. Getting started with arrays-Assignment
24. Least square fit-Assignment
25. I-O Assignment
26. Basic datatypes and operators-Assignment
27. Conditionals-assignment
28. Getting started with tuples-Assignment
29. Getting started with sage notebook-Assignment
30. Using sage to teach-Assignment
31. Getting started with for-Assignment
32. Getting started with strings-Assignment
33. Getting started with strings-Assignment
34. Getting started with files-Assignment
35. Manipulating strings-Assignment
36. Manipulating lists-Assignment
37. Dictionaries-Assignment



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4.4 Rating
7 Reviews
427 Students
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The main purpose is to provide the reader the skills they need to evaluate present and future programming languages critically. The functional programming languages section has been restructured and improved. We've also introduced a programming exercises section after each chapter to provide students practice with the topics discussed in the sessions, as well as interactive quizzes and supplementary programming projects, to make the concepts more practical and engaging. Our priority is to ensure that every student has a good foundation in learning, regardless of the subject in which they are enrolled. For improved comprehension, each chapter of each course has been created to be short and straightforward, making the learning experience entertaining and stress-free for our students while also enhancing their grasping capability. Our initiative's main goal is to assist students in learning programming languages quickly and effectively so that they may advance in their jobs.

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